Getting your message out quickly, easily and effectively

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As a Fire Safe Council, you’ve been charged with helping to prepare your community’s residents for a fire emergency. Would you bet your community’s safety on what they know?

  • Do your area residents know you have a fire safe council?[] yes [] no
  • Do they know what your council does? [] yes [] no
  • Do they have the information they need to make their homes and properties fire safe?[] yes [] no
  • Do you need more volunteers for your fire safe projects?[] yes [] no
  • Would you like your community’s financial support?[] yes [] no

At Fire Safe Help we specialize in helping fire safe councils discover the easiest, quickest and most effective methods to get their message out. We’ve worked with fire safe councils to develop informational brochures, websites, evacuation plans, printed materials and posters—and we can quickly adapt those projects to meet your own community’s special needs for fire safe information.

Not only do we have the skills, background and experience you need, but we understand fire safe councils.

  • We are committed to making communities—like yours—safer.
  • We’re experienced working with government agencies, non-profit corporations and all-volunteer efforts.
  • We can tailor our bid, invoicing and billing to match you grant and budget needs.

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